Energy Savings Solutions

Interested In Proven Optimization That SLASHES
Your Process And Utility Costs With A One-Year Payback?

Since 1936, H. M. White has compiled proven and tested research data geared to engineer you a meaner and leaner facility processes for your company.

We are also trusted and established energy savings engineers and consultants with an amazing track record that’s quite frankly second to none in the manufacturing world, and in most cases your payback is one year or less.

Many companies like yours have quickly discovered our findings and implementation guarantees a smoother operation, less wear and tear on equipment and a much more efficient operation that saves thousands of dollars for years to come. Just one easy phone call and we can discuss how profitable this is for your business…

EXAMPLE: Greater Process Efficiency And Radically Lower Costs Are Shown Below In This Recent Report For General Motors Corp:

Maybe It’s Time To Take Advantage Of Our
Highly Profitable Energy And Process Optimization

H.M. White’s record speaks for itself, plus you’ll quickly see the added value of your facility audit that guarantees:

  • Faster And Improved Processes For Production
  • Proven Time-Saving Steps And Processes
  • Greater Manufacturing Efficiency For More Extreme Cost-Cutting
  • Savings From Tax Credits And New Government Incentives
  • Dramatically Lower Energy Bills Year After Year
  • Green Technology That Improves Your Public Image
  • 100% Accuracy For All Findings From Your Audit
  • A New And Improved Process Vision For Your Company
  • Fresh Perspectives To Help You QUICKLY Improve Your Profitability

Now if you’re lookin’ for an average energy optimization company then obviously there’s plenty out there, but if you’re really serious about cutting-edge technology for energy and process optimization then call H.M.White at (313) 531-8477 today.

We GUARANTEE your audit and findings, plus you get the latest in cost-cutting techniques from highly energized consultants that deliver you a more profitable business!

Right Now Your Company Is Most Likely Loosing Truck Loads Of Money In Unnecessary Waste